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Started in 1987 and situated in East Lynne, Pretoria, the Jakaranda Children’s Home is a non-profit organizations (NPO) that looks after the welfare of abused children. These children are removed from their parents and placed in our care by the South African children's court due to: abandonment, neglect, emotional and physical abuse.

Our primary purpose is to provide the children with clothing, housing, schooling, food, security and stability. In addition, we aim to provide the children with the necessary therapy, life skills and emotional support that they need in order to become responsible adults and curb the cycle of abuse.

The Jakaranda Children`s Home is currently looking after 250 children between the ages of 18 months and 18 years. The children are divided into groups of 13, each group living in separate houses under the supervision of house parents.

To cover the running costs of the two Children`s Homes, the marketing team has the giant task to raise R25 620 000 annually (R218per child per day). Only 35 percent of this amount is subsidised by the government. By supporting the Jakaranda Children`s Home you will give back to the community supporting an institution that is effectively administered and motivated to help children reach their full potential.

Social Worker Programmes and Activities

The Social worker programmes and activities focus on developmental groups with a therapeutic undertone.




Needs List

Sport Groups

Focuses mainly on the boys and their individual development plan but girls also take part. This sport may differ depending on what the children want to do.

  • Socialising
  • To work together in a team
  • Tolerance
  • Loyalty


  • Sport equipment
  • To mark the field
  • Cricket pitch and nets need to be fixed
  • Netball pole

Art Group

Focuses mainly on the girls although boys do take part. The children are able to make something by using beads, scrapbooking and paint etc.

  • To develop their creativity
  • To express their emotions
  • Any art material
  • Cupboard to store all the art material


Story time (Group)

This group focus mainly on the toddler house and consist mostly of reading books and showing pictures to the toddlers.

  • Helps with listening skills
  • Development of emotion
  • Teaches values and norms
  • Teaches respect for others
  • Children’s books and stories

Puppet show

Focus on the toddler house, the toddler house gives a puppet show for the rest of the children.

  • Teaches the toddlers to do a puppet show for the rest of the children
  • Teaches good manners
  • Teaches self-esteem and confidence
  • Teaches them to give someone else a chance to speak
  • Socialising
  • Puppets

Junior Sport Group

The focus is on occupational therapy

  • Helps with hand-eye coordination
  • Laterality
  • Distinction between colour
  • Distinction between forms


Horse therapy

Supports all the programmes that focus on occupational therapy.

  • Supports all the occupational therapy outcomes
  • Helps with communication skills, trust issues and self-worth
  • Funding for activity purposes

Beyond beauty (modelling and finishing school)

Helps to develop children with problems like self-esteem and self-confidence.


  • Focus on body posture and attitude through modelling classes
  • Caring and looking after beautiful hare, nails and skin
  • Make-up
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Closing evaluations (Fashion Show)
  • Funding
  • Prizes for the fashion show
  • Skills training
  • Beauty classes
  • Products

Safety Group

Focus on boys and girls between the ages of 7 – 10 years. This group is mainly therapeutic and also stands as the talk group where there is a specific topic the children want to talk about ex. How a boy should treat a girl.

  • Teaches personal boundaries
  • Empower children
  • Teaches them to know your own body
  • Teaches the difference between right and wrong


Growing Group

This group focus especially on the high school girls and is more of a discussion where the children learn about themselves.

  • Focus on girl related issues and the development of how to handle these issues.


Cycling – Learn to Ride

This programme teaches the children how to ride a bicycle along with a therapeutic undertone. Children who shows potential is moved to the more intensive cycle program which then becomes their sport


  • Determination
  • Gratitude towards nature and their bicycle
  • Responsibility
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Bicycle parts
  • Inner and outer tires
  • Volunteers to fix the broken bicycles

Guitar Group

This activity teaches the children to play guitar and to accompany the children who are interested in music.

  • Musical development
  • Stimulate learning
  • Creativity development
  • Second hand guitars that is in a good working condition


This activity is mainly focused on traumatised girls (molestation)

  • How to deal with inner emotions
  • to re-establish strength, balance, focus and concentration
  • calms and focuses the mind
  • minimizes stress
  • Yoga matts
  • Yoga clothes (Tights and leotards)

Running group

This program focuses on the children who have a passion for running and let them partake in competitions.

  • Helps develop self-esteem, stamina, endurance and responsibility

  • Funding for competitions and races.

Defend with Integrity

This program focuses on self-defence, Self-confidence, Fitness and Character Building

  • Self-defence – allowing the child to emphasize many of their natural strengths while learning a method of self-defence,

  • Fitness – strengthening the personal development of the mind and body,
  • Building character development skills such as discipline, honour, self-control, respect, courtesy, perseverance, integrity, self-confidence, loyalty and building self-esteem,
  • Self-confidence – as the children accomplish new goals, their confidence levels increase.

  • financially (transport fees, class fees of R2000.00 per month – R500.00 per group and clothes for practicing)

  • donation of new or used sparring (self-defence) gear

  • donation of a red t-shirt for practicing