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Children who are placed in a child care centre are legally obligated to leave at the age of 18 or at the end of his/her secondary education. These young adults are literally without any economic or emotional support, yet must face the world alone.

The Jakaranda and Louis Botha Children’s Homes strive to dismiss the developmental hindrances that its children have experienced and to introduce

them to a wide range of opportunities, develop their skills, and aid them in reaching their full potential. This will enable the children to act as responsible adults when they leave the Homes.

Our Vision

The VISION Independence dream is that every young adult one day provides not only for his/her own basic needs, but also has a vision of a blooming, independent future irrespective of their past.

Our Mission

VISION Independence strives to help young adults overcome their developmental delays in order to reach their full potential, to become self sufficient and to make a valuable contribution to the broader community.

What Do We Do?

School leavers have many needs. VISION Independence strives to provide the following to the children:

• We support children with transport, groceries and accommodation
• We provide basic furniture and appliances
• We offer opportunities for further study
• We provide career counselling
• We offer financial advice
• We help where medical or therapeutic services are needed
• We help with personal needs and provide emotional support and guidance.


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If you would like to help with this programme contact:
Elzane van der Merwe:
(012) 800 4700
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