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Archery - On target for Life






Archery is an outdoor activity that can totally harness an individual’s skills. It develops ones physical attributes and at the same time, keenness in observation, analysis and calculation are developed or enhanced. A total involvement of the body is attained when one is engaged in archery. Children involved in archery have the advantage of gaining the full benefits of archery as part of their over-all development


To be on target for life, spiritually and emotionally


On target for Life – Changing lives one arrow at a time


To develop life-long skills within our children by; using the bow as a very effective medium.

Non-physical benefits a child can attain in archery:

Social Benefits – a child practices and competes singly with his/her own equipment.

- Character development

- Respect for others

- Time-consciousness

- Cooperation

- Constructive communication

- Responsibility

- Habit formation

- Friendship

- Spiritual development

With the recreational and competitive activities a child is made aware of valuing habitual care for his/her equipment and for time-consciousness. The child learns to respect others (his/her teammates, competing teams, winners, judges and coaches). A child who joins competitions gets to meet new friends and learns to control his/her negative comments against an opponent. The child also learns to cooperate with his coach o r teammates. Archery moulds the children into socially well-adapted individuals.

Emotional Benefits – once children get into Archery they have an outlet of their hidden and negative emotions. Children do not always communicate their feelings with others. Shooting the arrow is a good outlet for the child to release the feelings. Learning archery enables the child to belong to a group where he/she feels accepted and which the children feel he/she can’t find at home.


- Learning Discipline & Respect

- Improvement with school attendance

- The children become physically more active

- Increase extra-curricular activity putting athletes and non-athletes on a level playing field

- Improves focus

- Improves mental fitness

- Increases concentration

- Improves confidence

Children who experience concentration problems ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) are placed in the archery program. This programme is NASP-SA endorsed. On average our children have shown a 40% improvement in school performance.

How can I get involved?

We are always looking for people to get involved in this project.

Donating/ sponsoring archery equipment,

Make a financial contribution towards the archery project

Sponsoring clothing, trips to the competitions or training workshops

Funding donations towards this project will help:

• Buy new archery equipment.
• Compete in competitions (national and international competitions).
• Maintenance of archery equipment.

Urgent Need:

- R2000 for entry fees (14 children) for the National Championships which is on the 22th of October 2011




Contact Details:

Gerrie Kruger

Cell: 072 590 3635

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